Hi all!

I’m glad you wandered over here to learn more about who I am and what I am striving to do.

Hi, I’m Ellyse (pronounced like El-lease), I started on a journey in January 2016 to start working on the bigger picture. I wanted to help people, but I had no idea how, to be honest.

-And to be brutally honest, I didn’t even know how to help myself.

So, with a goal in mind, I decided to enroll in a program to help me become a health coach, which also promised to help me learn more about myself too.

I bet you want to know what I learned right? Well, about helping people, I learned several coaching techniques, how to help people hold themselves accountable, and a bit about helping people make new healthy habits. Just to name a few things (seriously, I mean, I learned A TON of cool stuff).

As for what I learned about myself, I learned I am even more awkward than I initially thought, I have a really hard time articulating what I am trying to say, oh, and lets just talk about because of all the pressure and stress from wanting to fit in with the healthy crowd, my brain decided to start binge eating because I couldn’t handle it (hello chocolate anything).

Yep, that’s right. Going through a program that was supposed to help me stressed me out enough that it made me have new problems.

Hold on there though, this isn’t some big sob story (ok, there MAY be times when I am taking down donuts like lions take down zebras on the African Serengeti while I write posts here). This is a site/ story dedicated to honesty, embracing who we are, and honoring that person. The good, the bad, ALL OF IT.

Am I a health and wellness coach? Yes, and I love it! It is amazing helping people learn new things, try new things, and move their lives in new positive directions. Questions about what I actually do? No problem, send me an email!

Do I have everything in my life perfected? No effing way, not even close. You know what though? I think not having everything all together though helps me, help others more efficiently. I can relate.

Thank you for sticking with me through all those paragraphs. I am truly happy and honored to have you here.

BHC Certificate - Ellyse Sohler