Thank you for being curious and wanting to know more about me personally and what I am striving to do.


I started on this particular journey in my life in August of 2016, I turned 34 and I decided on a couple things. One: I needed to take my health more seriously and two: I needed a more fulfilling career. While I liked my prior career, it was very high stress and vary repetitive and it was definitely taking it’s toll on me both physically and mentally.

Since I view my birthday as my own personal “new year” I made my new year goals. (You guessed it) Live a more healthy life and find a new, fulfilling career where I could help people live better lives some way.

After tons of researching (I LOVE researching things! I’m that person who a friend causally mentions they need something and the next day I will show up with a list of 10 different options with different price categories and listed by customer reviews.) At some point during all this research I stumbled on a website for coaching and I knew I had found my calling. AS I researched further, I learned there were a lot of different types of coach. Life, business, health, career, resume, adulting (Seriously, I stumbled on a few adulting coaches, which I thought was kind of ingenious really…) Now I had a choice, I ultimately decided on health coaching because I was already trying to improve my health and I stumbled upon Health Coach Institute and really loved their approach to health coaching and that it was concerned with other things in addition to nutrition.

In October of 2017, I completed all my certification requirements and received my certification. TA-DA!



BHC Certificate - Ellyse Sohler

That’s not where this journey ends though. I am luckily enough to also be working on my Life Coaching certification from HCI also.

I am sure you are wondering where my before and after pictures are. Oh, if only I had some life shattering, epic body change photos to show you all. The truth is, I don’t have any because my body has not changed much, which is fine with me, as I am really all about body positivity and loving my body just how it is. Despite my body outwardly not changing, I am much happier, have MUCH more energy, more mental clarity and have this sense of calm that I really haven’t felt since I was a kid.


I don’t believe thin and healthy are exclusive. I was/ am thin, and I was NOT healthy (hello binge eating and too much processed junk), in fact, I am still working on my health. I believe health comes in all shapes and sized and I think it is more important to be honest with our selves, embrace who we are/ who we want to be and honoring that person.

I love being a coach and I am extremely grateful that I am able to help people learn new things, try new things, and move in positive new directions toward their goals. I truly feel like I am living in the best part of my life and I truly have a drive to help other people do the same.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn a bit about me and I am excited to hear from you!