Why I’ve been missing, and something NEW!

Hey everyone out there! Soooooo…. It has been awhile, and I totally pulled a disappearing act. I don’t thing there is any point in making excuses for myself so, let me just drop some real talk right now for a few sentences. If you would rather skip all that and just get to the delicious, click HERE.

I launched this blog with the intent to giving people healthy ideas to try as well as to get the word out about my health coaching practice (gotta pay those bills y’all) . Everything was chugging along fine, except, one of the downsides of analytics is that I could see that you all pretty much were only interested in my recipe posts. Seriously, my other posts would get maybe 2 views and my recipe posts would get 20 or 30. I PANICKED.

Total core shut down, ugly crying, stop the world, panicked. Why? I am sure you are asking. Why would decent analytics send some one into a blind panic? What is WRONG with you E? Background: My mother and stepdad are both chefs, they owned their own restaurant and I worked there when I was young. So why didn’t I inherit the restaurant you ask? My cooking is NOT up to their standards… so imagine my horror when suddenly people on the internet were more interested in my cooking/ recipes than anything else? That alone wasn’t the problem though, I don’t cook with measures, so, not really conducive to telling others how to cook what I cook.

So after months of wracking my brain to figure out how I could still you guys what you want, but lessen the stress on myself, I figured it out! Recipe reviews with my own twist!

I have boatloads of cook books and why not? It’s a 3 fold help. 1. It helps you all, new ideas, new foods to try, measures of amounts (haha). 2. Bring attention to some of these amazing cook books I have, because they deserve all the love, they are part of the reason I love healthy eating and I know it doesn’t have to be boring. ~AND~ It will provide my blog with content that is not AS stressful for me. Yay! Ok, enough of that. I love you guys. Thanks for everything, now on to the very first of my recipe reviews.


Are you guys ready to try to cook something new and delicious?!

Today’s amazing recipe is from “But I could never go -VEGAN!- “ by Kristy Turner”


This book is no joke! 125 recipes, each with a gorgeous accompanying photos, from the most basic skills (how to press tofu) to the most creative recipes (Hel-lo pan fried gnocchi & acorn squash with hazelnut-sage pesto!) and none of this tastes like sticks OR rocks.

As some one who is an adventurous eater, I appreciate all the time and effort Kristy must have put into making the recipes in this book, all the recipes I have tried so far (around 20) have all turned out fabulously. As an omnivore who eats plant based foods at a 2-1 ratio, these recipes have definitely helped me bolster the plant based side of my diet!  Ok, enough gushing about my love affair with this book, seriously just buy it, either paper or e-version, it is easily worth the money. Now, lets talk Falafel!

The recipe I am trying today is:
Falafel Tacos with Sriracha-Tahini Sauce!
(with some modifications of course)

When you are ready to try this out on your own head over to Kristy’s blog Keeping’ it Kind  to get this amazing recipe and see her husbands breathtaking photography.

Oddly, my choice to try this recipe out fist for reviewing is I had 96% of these ingredients at home. All I had to buy was a jar of Tahini, lemons and parsley. Speaking of parsley, here are my substitutions and the reasons behind them.

Sriracha turned into Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce, same company, I find Sriracha to be sweeter and tangier (like spicy ketchup to me) vs. the CGS to be more spicy and acidic… plus it was already hanging out in my fridge.

Capers turned into chopped green olives. I am the first to admit, my pallet is some times lacking when it comes to gourmet ingredients, and capers fall into that category. To me they taste like anchovies that have gone off, which as you can imagine, is not pleasant, so to keep the sour, briney taste, I used some chopped green olives that I had in the fridge already.

Dried dill turned into dry Thyme. I’m prepared for some hate mail/ comments because of this. I am ok with it, do what you must. There is no other reason I changed this except that I LOATHE dill. CAN NOT EVEN. even the smell turns my stomach, so, thyme it is.

1/2 cup fresh cilantro turned into 1/2 cup fresh parsley with a hint of cilantro (my bunnies get to eat the rest of the bunch over a couple days.) I am part of the 4-14% of the population with a genetic issue where I can smell something called “aldehyde chemicals” (if you want to read about it check out this article HERE.)  So, in layman terms, cilantro smells and tastes soapy to me, a smidgen is fine, but a 1/2 cup would ruin this beautiful recipe for me, so, parsley it is!

Ok, let’s get cookin’! So first I need to add all the tahini sauce ingredients into a food processor easy, peazey. (oops, I don’t have a food processor yet, ok, jamba juice blender, don’t let me down!) Ok, once they are all blended, into the fridge. (my blender worked fine for this step luckily, in case you were wondering.) To be honest, I was kind of scared of this sauce, tahini isn’t my favorite (weird, considering I LOVE sesame oil and seeds) but the ingenious combination of spicy, savory, fruity and bitter all blends together into something that is kind of addicting.

Ok onto these adorable little falafel pillows. Again with the food processor… ok, well, we will see if I can manage to not ruin this, maybe I should just be using a potato masher instead? I guess I need to buy a food processor sooner rather than later. Combine everything until it forms into a kind of dough, she notes if it is too dry to add small increments of water until it is smooth. Ok, got it no problem! This part really would be much much easier with a food processor or tiny diced ingredients and a potato masher. I managed to make it work, but every few secondsI would have to stop, open up the blender, smash down and rearrange the ingredients and start all over, so the mixing step for me took WAY longer than it should have. Still, it managed to get the job fairly well done in the end.

Then we scoop it into little balls and smoosh them a little bit and into the oven they go. (Yay, I’m excellent at putting things in the oven!)

Now just to wait the 20 minutes until the little fluffs of delicious are cooked (at least I get to turn them at around the half way point.)

Ohhhh, look at those little, perfect, falafel! (What is the plural for falafel? Is it just like deer? Where one or many are falafel or is it many falafels? Some one educate me please!)


Any now, after they emerge from the oven, you put them on the tortilla of your choice, with the toppings of your choice. My choice was, simple baby spring mix and chopped tomatoes with a little extra parsley and pepper, oh my gosh, DO NOT forget the spicy tahini sauce we made and put in the fridge! Go get it right now and put it on the taco! Mmmm!


I was so pleased with how this turned out, even with my odd substitutions. The falafel was crispy on the outside and still soft in the middle, the flavor was well balanced, and the tahini sauce was perfect, super spicy by my own doing but also bright thanks to the lemon and savory from the tahini. Despite being weary about it, I love it, which is why it is always important to try new things even if they contain ingredients you aren’t a fan of. They synergy could make them amazing. (Says the lady who omitted several other things she didn’t like haha)

So what do you all think? Are you going to try this recipe out? Let me know if you do, I would love to know what you thought! Do you think the thought of eating crushed up chick pea cakes is weird? Do you want to see different types of recipes? Let me know, I want to hear from you!

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